Experience shows that the surest way to a full driving licence is to learn in an automatic transmission car. That’s because it’s the simplest, too. There’s no clutch pedal, no gear stick – just brake and accelerator. So when the learner driver settles behind the wheel, all they have to do is, literally, steer and go.

Having decided to take the straightforward route to a first time pass, the next step is to maximise the chances of success by choosing instructors who are specialists in making sure first-time drivers feel comfortable and confident in an automatic car.

Every member of the team of male and female instructors with the Steer and Go automatic fleet is, of course, a DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) Approved Driving Instructor. Their expertise is backed by experience. Our longest serving instructor has a history with the team going back 25 years. All are selected to be calm, considerate, and excellent communicators – always one to one.

All of them are committed to a future where automatic cars become the legal norm, for the simple reason that all electric and hybrid vehicles on the road have automatic transmission as standard.

They also all share a detailed familiarity with their home territory, Newcastle upon Tyne and neighbouring areas like North Tyneside. They know and teach the best way to approach every set of traffic lights, every roundabout, every back street, high street and dual carriageway – with a special emphasis on routes accessible from the DVSA Driving Test Centres in Gatehead, Blyth and Gosforth.

Such is the range of options offered by Steer and Go, the course to an automatic pass can tailored to individual needs in terms of time and money – from single 2 hour lessons, to great value block bookings, to fast-track intensive courses.

Make an easy booking now – Automatic Driving Lessons or an Automatic Intensive Course or you can call our knowledgeable and friendly customer services on 0740 780 8080.