Automatic Driving Lessons in Newcastle

The surest way to a full driving licence
simply Steer and Go!

Why you can expect to pass with the help of quality automatic driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Driving Lesson in Newcastle

At Steer and Go our goal is to make automatic driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne a life-changing experience.

One by one your driving lessons take you closer to a full driving licence and the new freedom that can change your life.

Would you rather learn to drive in Gateshead?

Book your automatic driving lessons in Gateshead here.

As soon as you get your hands on the wheel, you’ll appreciate how our instructors, male and female, have the gift of making you to feel sure of yourself. They are passionate for you to pass, of course. But more than that, they apply the Steer and Go system, proven over 25 years, of tailoring the tuition to personal needs.

This means you acquire the essential driving skills in the way that makes you feel comfortable. The surest way to first time success.

Steer and Go Driving Lessons Newcastle and Gateshead

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Why choose Steer and Go?

Automatic Driving Lessons Newcastle upon Tyne
You can expect the best possible automatic driving lesson experience, because we make things right for you – the right course, in the right place, with the right person.

The right course
Steer and Go gives you all the options: mainstream single 2 hour lessons, or lessons in great value block bookings.

The right place
You’ll take your driving lessons in Newcastle, our home territory. We know the best way to approach every set of traffic lights, every roundabout, back street and main road from downtown to outer estates – with a special emphasis on routes accessible from the DVSA Driving Test Centres in Blyth, Gosforth and Dunston.

The right person
Every one of our tuition team is a DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) Approved Driving Instructor. Our longest serving driving instructors’ history with the team goes back 25 years. All are selected and trained to be calm, considerate, and good communicators. If you find the personal chemistry could be improved or you prefer an a female instructor, just tell us and we’ll sort it.

Book Now
Our instructors’ friendly, expert style means you can look forward to and enjoy every life-changing lesson. Get started by booking your driving lessons or intensive course now.

Let our team guide you

“I would highly recommend Steer and Go to anyone who’s looking to learn how to drive.”

“My instructor was brilliant, he was calm, patient and always put me at ease. He did an excellent job helping me pass my driving test first time in only a short period”

“The Instructor was extremely friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable…A massive thank you.”

  • Automatic Driving Lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Experienced Driving Instructors
  • Male or Female Instructors Available
  • Over 25 Years Experience Helping You Pass