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Manual driving Lessons gears

Manual Driving Lessons

  • We Provide Driving lessons in Newcastle and Gateshead
  • Minimum Of 2 Hour Sessions
  • Block Booking Discount
  • 1-1 Tuition
  • Male/Female Instructors Available
  • Manual Or Automatic
  • Fully Qualified Instructors
  • Pre pay online via our website
  • Excellent Customer Service

Quality instruction
The key to learning to drive a manual car is coordinating the action of gear lever and clutch. You can’t beat the feeling of control once your Steer and Go instructor has eased you into mastery of the art of gear changing. But success is more than a matter of acquiring skills alone.

It’s a question of relationships. How well you get along with your driving instructor is the biggest single factor in enabling you to progress lesson-by-lesson to a first time pass. That relationship depends on Steer and Go having high quality driving instructors who can build your self-belief at the same time as your techniques.

Our experienced, Newcastle and Gateshead team are all Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor, chosen for their friendly, patient approach and trained to put students at their ease, whatever age, background or driving knowledge. Which results in maximising your prospects of passing.

Perfect match
Our aim is to achieve a positive teacher/learner match. But if you find the personal chemistry could be improved, we’ll happily find you someone more compatible. For example, you might prefer manual lessons with a female instructor. Just tell us, ideally well beforehand, and we’ll arrange it. Our office staff are always here to help.

Best value courses
Our choice of manual courses is the best value of our whole range. And they are even better value if you buy more hours. Take a look at the options.